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Our Mission: The WAC Clearinghouse supports teachers of writing across the disciplines. Whether you are an experienced instructor, a program administrator, or someone who is just starting to consider using writing in your courses, you are welcome—and encouraged—to use this site. The materials and resources on this site are available freely to anyone, regardless of whether they have chosen to join the Clearinghouse.

Why Become a Member? The WAC Clearinghouse is a member-supported, member-driven Web site. Members of the Clearinghouse can add content on the site, allowing other visitors to the Clearinghouse to benefit from their expertise. If you would like to help build this site, please become a member by creating an account on this site.

A Partnership with the International WAC Network. The Clearinghouse is presented in partnership with the International Network of Writing-Across-the-Curriculum Programs. When you create an account on the Clearinghouse, you become a member of the Network. The Network exists to support the exchange of information and ideas concerning WAC, to support existing WAC programs, and to support institutions considering the development of WAC programs. Members of the Network can display information about the WAC programs at their institutions and can vote on issues brought to the membership by the Network's director and Board of Consultants.

What Can Members Do? Members can add or recommend additions to the following resources:

Become a Member: Follow this link to create your Clearinghouse account. If you have questions about the Clearinghouse, please contact Mike Palmquist at or view our Contact Information page. If you have questions about the International Network of Writing-Across-the-Curriculum Programs, please view their home page.

About Our Members' Privacy: We will not share member information with third parties. We have not and will not use member information for purposes other than contacting members of the Clearinghouse and helping members contact each other. Only members can view the membership directory of the International Network of Writing-Across-the-Curriculum Programs and members can choose not to display their contact information in directory.