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Welcome to the WAC Clearinghouse Links. These links pages point to useful, current online resources for designing, developing, and maintaining healthy writing initiatives in schools and colleges. The pages began with a listing of a few of the best links avaialable and the list has grown over time as members of the WAC community have recommened new links. I hope you will help us continue to develop this list of valuable resources.

To view links, follow the links to the right. To add a new link, please complete the recommendation form. If you'd like us to add a new category or subcategory to this links list, please contact me.

-- Stephen Bernhardt
Links Editor

Program Design
Program Assessment
National Survey of Student Engagement  Top Rated!
Coordinating center for a large effort to document educational practices that encourage learning through student engagement. Centered at Indiana U. Broad survey results compare campuses on various factors that correlate with engagement.   Info
WPA Outcomes Statement for First-Year Composition  Top Rated!
Writing Program Administrators' jointly authored outcomes statement. Adopted April 2000. A version of this statement was published in WPA: Writing Program Administration 23.1/2 (fall/winter 1999): 59-66   Info
Writing: NCTE Position Statements  Top Rated!
Statements on best practices in writing assessment, teaching, writing centers, and others.   Info
Internet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes Assessment
An annotated list of links on outcomes assessment, provided by North Carolina State University.   Info
National Center for Education Statistics
Site of primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data related to education. Includes National Assessment of Educational Progree results, among many other resources.   Info
National Center for Post Secondary Teaching, Learning, and Assessment
From the Center's Mission and Goals: "The Center for the Study of Higher Education engages researchers, practitioners, and policy leaders alike in examining significant issues of practice and policy confronting higher education at the campus, state, national, and international levels. As a research center emphasizing externally-funded, policy-oriented research, the Center serves as a vital and productive magnet for research teams, individual faculty, visiting scholars, and graduate research assistants working to improve practice and policy-making in higher education."   Info
The Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication (CPTSC)
The Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication (CPTSC) promotesb program development, research, and collaborative projects among programs in technical and scientific communication. The organization assists in the development and evaluation of new programs. CPTSC meets yearly in October and maintains a listserv and website in support of program development.   Info
The TLT (Teaching, Learning, and Technology) Group
Originally part of the American Association for Higher Education, the TLT Group consults with educational institutions to improve teaching and learning with technology. An offshoot of the TLT Group, the Flashlight Project, helps institutions develop instruments to assess the effectiveness of technology use in educational settings.   Info
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