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Welcome to the WAC Clearinghouse Links. These links pages point to useful, current online resources for designing, developing, and maintaining healthy writing initiatives in schools and colleges. The pages began with a listing of a few of the best links avaialable and the list has grown over time as members of the WAC community have recommened new links. I hope you will help us continue to develop this list of valuable resources.

To view links, follow the links to the right. To add a new link, please complete the recommendation form. If you'd like us to add a new category or subcategory to this links list, please contact me.

-- Stephen Bernhardt
Links Editor

Program Design
National Learning Communities Homepage  Top Rated!
A comprehensive introduction to and resource for Learning Communities. Includes ideas for getting started and sustaining LCs, a resource page, and a searchable directory of 131 learning community initiatives. Programs can add themselves to the database.   Info
Global Learning Communities
http://www.vision.net.au/~globallearning/pages/aboutus/hww.h ...
Global Learning Communities is an education consulting firm based in Australia with offices in the United States of America and New Zealand. GLC offers a wide range of workshops, services, and resources, but this web site does not contain substantial usable material.   Info
Learning How to Get the Word Out
Studio approach helps undergrad engineering students with research communications skills at the University of South Carolina at Columbia. An NSF initiative.   Info
Prince George's Reasoning Across the Curriculum Program
The site contains much of interest to faculty teaching disciplinary thinking in their courses: articles, workshop handouts, lists of books on teaching thinking, links to other web sites on teaching thinking, a list of URLs for students writing persuasive arguments, and more.   Info
The Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication (CPTSC)
The Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication (CPTSC) promotesb program development, research, and collaborative projects among programs in technical and scientific communication. The organization assists in the development and evaluation of new programs. CPTSC meets yearly in October and maintains a listserv and website in support of program development.   Info
WAC at George Mason University
Includes links to the several facets of WAC at GMU, e.g., the Writing Center, the WI requirement, Online Guides to Writing in the Disciplines, plus history and resources for teachers   Info
Program Assessment
Writing Fellows