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Volume 13, 2016


Tags: writing center, Transfer, Metacognition, survey, faculty, multimodal, media, Rhetoric, student writing, technical and professional communication, second-language writers, copyright law, Literacy
Textual Dynamics of the Professions
Tags: writing in the disciplines, rhetoric and composition, technical and professional communication, personal essay
Revision: History, Theory, and Practice
Tags: Teaching strategies, higher education, technical and professional communication, creative writing, second language-writers, Pedagogy, technology
Design Discourse

Edited by David Franke, Alex Reid, and Anthony Di Renzo

Design Discourse: Composing and Revising Programs in Professional and Technical Writing addresses the complexities of developing professional and technical writing programs. The essays in the collection offer reflections on efforts to bridge two cultures – what the editors characterize as the "art and science of writing" – often by addressing explicitly the tensions between them. Design Discourse offers insights into the high-stakes decisions made by program designers as they seek to "function at the intersection of the practical and the abstract, the human and the technical." 

Tags: writing studies, technical and professional communication, WAC, composition studies, Pedagogy, identity
The WAC Journal

A peer-reviewed journal on writing across the curriculum published by Parlor Press, Clemson University, and the WAC Clearinghouse, The WAC Journal offers articles by educators about their WAC ideas and WAC experiences, focusing on both practical ideas and pertinent theory.

Tags: inclusivity, feminist theory, technical and professional communication, writing in the disciplines, social justice, technology, WAC

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