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Volume 13, Number 2 (Fall 1994)
Tags: Teaching strategies, Gender, Basic Writing, TESL, digital landscape, assessment
Volume 21, Number 2 (Fall 2002)
Tags: WAC, secondary education, writing center, postsecondary education, TESL, multilingual, Discourse Studies, multimodal, Basic Writing
Volume 22, Number 2 (Fall 2003)
Tags: TESL, Basic Writing, rhetoric and composition, critical thinking, Teaching strategies, Queer, inclusivity
Grammar Alive! A Guide for Teachers
Tags: Teaching strategies, higher education, K-12, Writing Assessment, TESL
Reconnecting Reading and Writing
Tags: TESL, Student Writing, higher education, K-12, international, writing studies, reading
Emerging Writing Research from the Middle East-North Africa Region

Edited by Lisa R. Arnold, Anne Nebel, and Lynne Ronesi

The editors and contributors to this collection share scholarship that addresses how writing programs and writing-across-the-curriculum initiatives—in the Middle East-North Africa region and outside of it—are responding to the increasing globalization of higher education and contributing to international discussions about World Englishes and other language varieties as well as translingual approaches to writing and writing pedagogy.

Tags: multilingual, Rhetoric, Culture, TESL, Linguistics, Pedagogy, Writing
WAC and Second-Language Writers

Edited by Terry Myers Zawacki and Michelle Cox

This edited collection pursues the ambitious goal of including within WAC theory, research, and practice the differing perspectives, educational experiences, and voices of second-language writers. The editors and authors not only report new research but also share a wealth of pedagogical, curricular, and programmatic practices relevant to second-language writers

Tags: culture, international, history of writing, WAC, faculty, multilingual, multi-voiced, TESL, second-language writers, inclusivity
Chinese Rhetoric and Writing: An Introduction for Language Teachers

By Andy Kirkpatrick and Zhichang Xu

The authors of Chinese Rhetoric and Writing offer a response to the argument that Chinese students' academic writing in English is influenced by "culturally nuanced rhetorical baggage that is uniquely Chinese and hard to eradicate." Noting that this argument draws from "an essentially monolingual and Anglo-centric view of writing," they point out that the rapid growth in the use of English worldwide calls for "a radical reassessment of what English is in today's world."

Tags: rhetoric and composition, rhetorical theory, TESL, second-language writers, international, history of writing, culture, Pedagogy

Displaying: 21 - 28 of 28