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Resource: Improving the Research Proposal

I. Define the purpose of the proposal (might include one or more of the following)

  1. to identify a proposed subject of research
  2. to explain the importance/significance of the research
  3. to review other research in the area
  4. to outline research methodology

 II. Define the audience for the proposal

  1. faculty at research institution
  2. government funding agency
  3. other (private endowment, professional periodical)

 III. Provide specific guidelines

  1. suggest length of whole and parts if appropriate
  2. indicate appropriate subheadings
  3. suggest a style manual for typographical and bibliographic conventions
  4. indicate organization problems that will make a proposal unacceptable--arrangement, development, coherence, paragraphing
  5. indicate what "errors," if any, will make a proposal unacceptable (provide sample incorrect and revised sentences)

 IV. Provide samples

  1. copy outstanding, acceptable, and unacceptable proposals
  2. mark each one clearly for strengths, weaknesses and overall rating
  3. make samples available (consider the Internet)

(thanks to J. Wyrick)