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The Writing Across the Curriculum Graduate Organization (WAC-GO) seeks to increase mentoring to and support for graduate students with an interest in Writing Across the Curriculum research, program administration, or teaching. This informal organization works closely with other WAC-related entities to promote graduate student scholarship, seek out funding and support for graduate student research activities, and connect graduate students with cross-institutional research, administrative, and teaching mentors.

To join WAC-GO, email wacgo10@gmail.com with the subject "Join WAC-GO." Include your name, standing, and institution. 


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News & Announcements

8/1/18: Call for Leadership Applications 

WAC_GO is excited to announce available Leadership Team positions for the 2018-2019 academic year! 

You can find all of the details about the open positions and the application process in the following Google Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NOwuR_oJ2ia56vEqKsckYuEyeJVP3-jDxkmqIt3iMtY/edit?usp=sharing

The deadline to apply is August 20.

Email wacgo10@gmail.com with any questions, and we can't wait to receive your applications and collaborate with you over the coming year! 


5/29/18: End-of-Year Report

Take a look at our end-of-year report for the 2017-2018 AY to review WAC-GO's major completed projects, ideas for next year, and Executive Committee reflections! 


4/6/18: nextGEN listserv has launched!

NextGEN provides graduate students with a space to network, collaborate, share knowledge, and engage in critical, supportive, and thought-provoking interdisciplinary writing and rhetoric studies conversations on both a national and international level. More specifically, nextGEN offers these conversations in a space that is moderated by, and produced for, graduate students.

The purpose of this space is to create a safe(r) environment for graduate student conversation; however, anyone is welcome to join! The start-up team has drafted a policy statement that we will adhere to in continuing to monitor and sustain the listserv. 

HOW TO JOIN (Read #3 before clicking on the link after #1)

  1. Go to the nextGEN listserv subscribe webpage

  2. Check your email for a confirmation message from listserv@uta.edu

  3. Copy-and-paste the emailed confirmation link into your browser WITHOUT the “http://” part




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