Writing@CSU Activities Bank

Logical Fallacies Activity

Contributed by Liz Story Jackson


Goals:  To discuss logical fallacies and to illustrate the importance of logically sound arguments


Have students read about logical fallacies for homework.


Conduct a brief review, ideally one that includes examples, of common fallacies.


As a group activity, have students "sell" a product* using as many fallacies as they can. Encourage students to go overboard here to make the fallacies as outrageous and therefore transparent as possible.   While (or after) each group presents, the other class members should try to identify the fallacies. An option is to keep score and award a prize to the "team" naming the most fallacies or naming them the fastest.


One way to conclude this activity is to discuss the importance of logically sound arguments, whether they be written or part of a "commercial."


*Cleaning products or products that invoke ideals (like patriotism, environmentalism or concepts like The Great Outdoors) work particularly well for this activity.