Volume 4, Issue 1
Fall, 1982, 101 pages

Special topic: "Teacher to Teacher" [teacher practices]

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Jane Hansen, "First-grade Writers Who Persue Reading," pp.4-8
Jeffrey L. Cryan, "Back to Basics: Thoughtful Composition and Meaningful Grammar," pp. 9-12
Peter Trenouth, "Teachers, Students, and Artists: Human Sense in the English Class," pp. 13-17
David E. Tabler, "Writing Humanistically ," pp. 18-22
Jack Meiland, "Methods of Thinking and College Education," pp. 23-34
David Bartholomae, "Writing Assignments: Where Writing Begins," pp. 35-45
Jeffrey E. Evans, "Autonomy, Intimacy, and the Teaching of Writing," pp.46-51
Helen Isaacson, "Folklore and/of the Research Paper," pp. 52-56
Robert Coles, "Moral and Social Inquiry," pp. 57-59
Rudolf Arnheim, "Beyond the Graces and the Muses," pp. 60-63
William E. Coles, Jr., "Teaching Teachers of Writing: Making a Center That Can Hold," pp. 64-72
Jay L. Robinson, "Basic Writing and its Basis in Talk: The Influence of Speech on Writing ," pp. 73-83
Barbra S. Morris, "The Language Environment of Student Writers," pp. 84-88
Sandra Stotsky, "A Model of Written Language Development for Teachers," pp. 89-96
Robert L. Root, Jr., "Resources in the Teaching of Composition," pp. 97-99