Volume 2, Issue 3
Spring, 1981, 48 pages

Special topic: Literacy in the 1980's: English Composition Board Workshops '81

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Complete issue

pp. 97-116


Patti Stock, "Editorial," pp. 98, 116
William E. Coles, "Effective Writing Assignments and Classroom Exercises," p. 100
Daniel Fader, "Peering into Revision," pp. 101-102
Barbra Morris, "From Television to Student Writing," pp. 103-104
Lee Odell, "Evaluating Writing ," p. 105
Jay Robinson, "Talking and Writing," p. 106
Bernard Van't Hul, "Literacy: Social Uses and Pedagogical Obligations," p. 107
Loren Barritt, "Research about the Writing Process," p. 110
Frank D'Angelo, "Imitation and Style," pp. 111-112
Toby Fulwiler, "A Writing Across the Curriculum Workshop," p. 113
Art Young, "The Role of Writing in the Classroom," pp. 114-115