Volume 2, Issue 1
Fall, 1980, 48 pages

Special topic: "The Development of Writers"

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James Britton, "Participant and Spectator," pp. 3-5, 46
James Moffett, "On Essaying," pp. 6-8, 46
Edith Croake, "Two Views for Teaching Writing," pp. 9-14, 46
Robert Root, "Select Bibliography," pp. 15-16, 48
Toby Fulwiler, "Prime Movers: Britton and Moffetet," pp. 18, 48
Stephen Bernhardt, "Language Acquisition and Writing Ability," pp. 19-20, 47
Mark E. Smith, "Teaching with Britton and Moffett 'and Glad of It," pp. 21-22, 47
Paula Finkelstein, Susan Marwil, and Dolores Montgomery, "fforum Looks at Two Schools," pp 23-27, 47
Stephen Dunning, Kathe Kohl, and Lawrence McDoniel, "Given Language Exercises," pp. 28-30
Robert Root, "Resources in the Teaching of Composition," pp. 31-32
Marv DeMilio, "A Reader's View," pp. 33-35
Anonymous, "Drs Fidditch/Foilitch," p. 36
Daniel Fader, "Writing across the Curriculum," pp. 37-39
Patti Stock, "Editorial," pp. 39-40
Edith Croake and Hal Weidner, "EDB FreeB Four Voice Exercise," pp. 42-45