Volume 1, Issue 1
Fall, 1979, 28 pages

Special topic: none

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Pages 1-12

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Ken Macrorie, "Language-using Animals," pp. cover, 3-4
Patti Stock, [Editorial], pp. 2, 22
Peter Elbow, "Teaching Writing While Teaching Something Else," pp. 4-7, 14
Henry Baron, "In the Library," pp. 8-11
Susanna Defever, "Pro: The Non-threatening Approach," pp. 12-14, 24
Stephen Bernhardt, "Con: The Need for Diverse Approaches," pp. 12-14
Cheryl Stevens, "Teaching with Ken Macrorie," pp. 15-16
Norm Ballou, "Waterford Mott High School Writing Grant," pp 17-18, 22
Robert Root, "Resources in the Teaching of Composition," pp. 20-21
Anonymous, "Dear Drs. Fidditch and Foilitch" pp. 23-24