Review Committee

2023 Review Committee

  • Sara Austin, AdventHealth University
  • Cameron Bushnell, Clemson University,
  • Jill Dahlman, California Northstate University
  • Lindsey Harding, University of Georgia
  • Jackie Kauza, Indiana University, East
  • Aimee C. Mapes, University of Arizona, representing our 2022 Exemplary Emerging WAC Program
  • Mandy Olejnik, Miami University, representing our 2022 Exemplary Enduring WAC Program
  • Tiffany Rousculp, Salt Lake Community College, representing our 2022 Exemplary Established WAC Program

Inaugural Review Committee

  • Sara Austin
  • Cameron Bushnell
  • Jill Dahlman
  • Lindsey Harding
  • Mary McMullen Light
  • Caitlin Martin
  • Dan Melzer
  • Jackie Kauza

Prior to the committee's formation, Jill Dahlman and Lindsey Harding consulted with Mike Palmquist, Pamela Flash, and Dan Melzer during Spring 2021 to consider opportunities for expanding recognition and support for WAC Programs across the country. This committee was then formed in August 2021 by enlisting interested members from the AWAC Mentoring Committee. Over the Fall 2021 semester, the team met regularly to draft a proposal, application form and process, and related resources. These materials were shared with the AWAC Executive Committee and the WAC Clearinghouse Associate Publishers in November 2021. Following revisions and further discussion, the proposal to create the Exemplary WAC Program Awards received support from both the AWAC Executive Committee and the WAC Clearinghouse's Editorial Board in January 2022.