Submission Guidelines

Series Editor: Pamela B. Childers, The McCallie School

Submissions to the Excellence in K-12 WAC series should follow the guidelines provided below. If a submission is judged by the editor to be consistent with the goals of the series and the WAC Clearinghouse, and possesses strong scholarly merit, it will undergo a rigorous peer review by scholars drawn from our Publications Review Board or Editorial Board. Reviews are typically completed in one or two months.

The Clearinghouse will not consider work submitted simultaneously for consideration by another publisher. For more information about submitting to this and other book series hosted by the WAC Clearinghouse, please see the Clearinghouse's Invitation to Contribute.

Format for Submissions

To ensure timely consideration of your proposed work, please provide the information outlined below:

  • the names of the author(s) or editor(s);
  • a proposed title and subtitle;
  • the proposed length of the completed book;
  • the purpose and content of the book including background information; your primary findings, arguments, or themes; its genre; the sources used in your research, if applicable; and the relationship or similarity of your work to other writing in the field;
  • the intended audience or markets for your book, including any specific organizations or groups that might be interested in reading it;
  • comparison to any similar books recently published or related to your topic;
  • the ways that the book complements or extends work published in the Excellence in K-12 WAC Series or elsewhere on the WAC Clearinghouse;
  • any special requirements in the proposed manuscript that will related to the design and production of your book, such as photographs, line drawings, or other illustrations; charts, graphs, or tables; technical or foreign languages; complex mathematical or scientific data; video, audio, or other multimedia elements; embedded data sets or applications; and
  • the current status of your manuscript, including how much of it has been written and when you expect to finish writing it.

Please include a copy of your current vita or resumé, as well as those for any co-authors or editors. If possible, enclose a copy of the table of contents of the proposed work, preferably annotated. You may include a sample chapter from the manuscript, if it is available, or the full manuscript, if it is available.

Where and How to Submit

You may submit your prospectus and supporting material electronically by email directly to series editor Pamela B. Childers at Files may be sent as PDF documents or word processing documents (Word, RTF, Open Document Format, etc.). Please combine all materials into one file where possible. If materials are too large to be submitted as email attachments, please contact the editor for directions.

Preparing Your Manuscript

To view our manuscript preparation guidelines, please see our Guide for Authors and Editors.

A Note on Open-Access Publishing

The Excellence in K-12 WAC series offers books in free digital editions and low-cost print editions. Books are offered through a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 4.0 International License. Copyright is held by the author(s) or editor(s) of the books. The publisher covers the costs of reviewing, designing, producing, and distributing the books. Any proceeds from sales of print books in the series are used to support the publication of subsequent books. Our goal as a publisher is to make work available to the widest possible audience while maintaining the highest standards in scholarly publishing. We welcome contributions to the series and to the larger goal of supporting open-access scholarly publishing. If you have questions about the goals of the larger WAC Clearinghouse project, please contact Mike Palmquist at