En Carrera: Escritura y Lectura de Textos Académicos y Profesionales

Edited by Lucía Natale

CoverThis book offers a critical description of higher education genres that are relevant for academically and professionally-oriented degrees: academic review, essay, state of the art, case study, product evaluation, procedures manual, and social intervention project. The book also guides readers on how to understand and quote complex texts. This book can be useful for professionals, university students, and professors who are interested in including discipline-specific writing skills in their courses.

The book's chapters are pedagogically-oriented: they explore the context of circulation, the goals, and the structure of each genre; they suggest strategies for text planning, elaboration and revision; and they include real, commented examples and exercises based on experts' and students' samples. However, the most fascinating feature of this book is its elaboration: each chapter was written collaboratively by a writing professor and a lecturer of the specific subject matter the genre belongs to. Therefore, readers can gain access to a comprehensive account that articulates the insights of the experienced scholar and the analysis of the language expert.

This rhetorical, functional, and disciplinary-situated perspective is the basis behind the Program to Develop Academic Literacy across the Curriculum (PRODEAC), installed in the Degree Cycle of all the degrees at the Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento (Buenos Aires Argentina) since 2005. The book's authors take advantage of their extended participation in this program to anticipate typical difficulties and systematize this essential resource for advanced literacy teaching.

Download the book (in Spanish) or find out how to obtain the book at the PRODEAC web page (www.ungs.edu.ar/prodeac). A recent article (in English) that describes the PRODEAC can be downloaded from the WAC Clearinghouse at http://wac.colostate.edu/books/wpww/chapter2.pdf.

Table of Contents

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Prólogo, by Lucía Natale

Estrategias para el abordaje de textos, by Patricia Ema Knorr

La reseña académica, by Federico Navarro y Ana Luz Abramovich

El ensayo académico, by Carolina Zunino y Matías Muraca

El estado de la cuestión, by Natalia Bengochea y Florencia Levín

El análisis de caso en educación, by Alicia Merodo y Lucía Natale

La evaluación de producto en ingeniería, by Marcelo Muschietti y Amado O. Vitali

El manual de procedimientos: ¿quién, qué, cómo y cuándo?, by Daniela Stagnaro, Jorge Camblong y Jorge Nicolini

El proyecto de intervención, by Daniela Stagnaro y Natalia da Representaçao

La cita bibliográfica, by Federico Navarro

Bibliografía sobre discurso científico-profesional y lectoescritura, by Compilada por Federico Navarro

Publication Information: Natale, Lucía. (Ed.). (2012). En carrera: Escritura y lectura de textos académicos y profesionales. Los Polvorines, Buenos Aires: Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento. Available at http://www.ungs.edu.ar/prodeac.

Publication Date: January 1, 2011

Note: This book appears on the Clearinghouse courtesy of its editor and authors.

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