Submission Guidelines

Series Editor: Michael A. Pemberton, Georgia Southern University

Associate Editor: Kathryn M. Northcut, Missouri University of Science & Technology

The Across the Disciplines Books series publishes scholarly texts that explore language and discourse practices within and across disciplinary boundaries using diverse methodologies and theoretical approaches.  While some volumes in the series are linked to themed issues of the online, open access, peer reviewed journal Across the Disciplines (ATD), ATD Books shares the broader mission of the WAC Clearinghouse, publishing works relevant to writing across the curriculum, writing in the disciplines, and interdisciplinary communication.

For more information about submitting to this and other book series hosted by the WAC Clearinghouse, please see the Invitation to Contribute page. Submissions to the series will be reviewed following the WAC Clearinghouse peer review processes. Our peer review process is informed by its statement on diversity, equity, and inclusion and by the statement on anti-racist scholarly reviewing practices that is available at

Submissions to the ATD Books series are commonly made by guest editors of a special issue of Across the Disciplines. Authors wishing to propose a volume not directly tied to an issue of ATD should outline the rationale and projected audience for the book and its relation to other books in the field; include the book's table of contents or a chapter outline, the estimated length and the timetable for completion, and, if available, the introduction and a sample chapter. If a submission is judged by the series editor to be consistent with the goals of the series, it will undergo a rigorous peer review by scholars drawn from our Publications Review Board or Editorial Board. Reviews are typically completed in one or two months.

Format for Submissions

Please provide the information outlined below. We request that you remove any identifying information so that we can ensure that our reviewers can undertake an anonymous review. Our submissions portal will ask you to provide the following:

  • the names of the author(s) or editor(s)
  • the complete title and subtitle
  • a brief description of the book

Please be prepared to upload one or more files that provide the following:

  • the rationale and projected audience for the book
  • the essays that will most likely appear in the collection;
  • the essays that will appear in both the journal and the book;
  • the ways that the book complements or extends work published in the ATD Books Series or elsewhere on the Clearinghouse; and
  • the proposed length
  • a preliminary table of contents (which may be annotated)
  • an introduction and one or more sample chapters
  • any features in the proposed manuscript that will require special attention in the design and production of your book, such as photographs, line drawings, or other illustrations; charts, graphs, or tables; technical or foreign languages; complex mathematical or scientific data; video, audio, or other multimedia elements; embedded data sets or applications

Please include in a separate file a copy of your current CV or resumé, as well as those for any co-authors or co-editors.

Where and How to Submit

You may submit your prospectus and supporting material on our submissions portal at Files may be submitted as PDF documents or word processing documents (Word, RTF, Open Document Format, Google Doc, etc.).

Preparing Your Manuscript

To view our manuscript preparation guidelines, please see our Guide for Authors and Editors.

A Note on Open-Access Publishing

The ATD Books series offers books in free digital editions and low-cost print editions. Books are offered through a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 4.0 International License. Copyright is held by the author(s) or editor(s) of the books. The publishers cover the costs of reviewing, designing, producing, and distributing the books. Any proceeds from sales of print books in the series are used to support the publication of subsequent books. Our goal as a publisher is to make work available to the widest possible audience while maintaining the highest standards in scholarly publishing. We welcome contributions to the series and to the larger goal of supporting open-access scholarly publishing. If you have questions about the goals of the WAC Clearinghouse project, please contact Mike Palmquist at