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Welcome to the WAC Bibliography. The bibliography, developed and presented in collaboration with CompPile, was developed to support teachers across the disciplines who are interested in using writing and speaking in their courses; scholars who are interested in WAC theory and research; and program administrators, designers, and developers who have interests in the latest work in faculty outreach, program design, and assessment.

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— Justin Jory
Bibliography Editor

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Social Studies

Beaman, Bruce. (1985). Writing to learn social studies. link to 2013 WAC Clearinghouse reprint In Gere, Ann Ruggles; Roots in the sawdust: Writing to learn across the disciplines; Urbana, IL: National Council of Teachers of English.
Keywords: WAC, social-studies-course, write-to-learn, pedagogy
Beyer, Barry K.; Anita Brostoff. (1979). Writing to learn in social studies. Social Education 43, 176-177.
Keywords: social-studies-course, write-to-learn, WAC, social
Bohan, Chara Haeussler; O. L. Davis, Jr.. (1998). Historical constructions: How social studies student teachers' historical thinking is reflected in their writing of history. Theory and Research in Social Education 26.2, 173-197.
Keywords: social-studies-course, historiography, multiple sources, write-to-learn, WAC, teacher-training, teacher-as-writer, social
Brostoff, Anita. (1981). Thinking through writing: A report on the project, its evaluation, and its uses. ERIC Document Reproduction Service, ED 214 173.
Keywords: critical-thinking, high-school, program, WAC, social-studies-course, teacher-training, workbook-design, assignment-design, validation, problem-solving, high-low
Brown, William S.. (1998). Power of self-reflection through epistemic writing. College Teaching 46.4, 135-138.
Keywords: social-studies-course, organizational behavior, WAC, write-to-learn, synthesis, sample, student-opinion
Carter, John Marshall. (1987). The social studies teacher as writing coach. North Carolina Journal for the Social Studies 24, 35-41.
Keywords: social-studies-course, interdisciplinary, WAC, questionnaire, teacher-opinion, evaluation, rating-sheet, process, pedagogy, coaching, social
Claypool, Sharon H.. (1980). Teacher writing apprehension: Does it affect writing assignments across the curriculum?. ERIC Document Reproduction Service, ED 216 387. Identification of writing competencies needed by secondary students to perform assignments in science and social studies classes.
Keywords: WAC, science-course, social-studies-course, teacher-apprehension, correlation, assignment, data, questionnaire, correlation, pedagogy
Donlan, Dan. (1976). Textbook writing assignments in three content areas. ERIC Document Reproduction Service, ED 123 635.
Keywords: textbook, discipline, WAC, assignment, disciplinary, science-course, mathematics-course, social-studies-course, survey, pedagogy, data, frequency, write-to-learn
Ediger, Marlow. (1992). Writing in social studies. ERIC Document Reproduction Service, ED 355 519.
Keywords: WAC, social-studies-course, thematic, Middle East, Palestine, write-to-learn, social
Evans, Mary M.; Kwasi Machupa; Lillian Williamson; Beverly Mosely Arbria Griffin. (1991). Writing about social studies content. In Morris, Barbra S. (Ed.); Detroit Public Schools; University of Michigan; Writing to learn in disciplines: Detroit teachers combine research and practice in their classrooms (a Detroit Public Schools/University of Michigan collaborative publilcation); ERIC Document Reproduction Service, ED 333 420.
Keywords: write-to-learn, WAC, school-college, social-studies-course, social
Fredericks, Anthony; Anita M.; Meinbach; Liz Rothlein. (1993). Thematic units: An integrated approach to teaching science and social studies. New York: HarperCollins.
Keywords: WAC, science-course, social-studies-course, module, thematic, integrated, social
Freeman, David E.; Yvonne S. Freeman. (1991). 'Doing' social studies: Whole language lessons to promote social action. Social Education 55, 22-32,66.
Keywords: WAC, social-studies-course, international, transformative, social, whole-language, social action, social
Freeman, David E.; Yvonne S. Freeman. (1991). 'Doing' social studies: Whole language lessons to promote social action. Social Education 55.1, 29-32, 66.
Keywords: WAC, social-studies-course, whole-language, social, action, community, social action, social
Giroux, Henry A.. (1978). Writing and critical thinking in the social studies. Curriculum Inquiry 08, 291-310.
Keywords: WAC, social-studies-course, critical-thinking, write-to-learn, materials, social
Lunstrum, John; Judith Irwin. (1981). Integrating basic skills into social studies content. Social Education 45 (October).
Keywords: WAC, school, social-studies-course, basic-skill, integrated, social
McKay, Roberta. (1996). Journal writing in social studies: Current concerns. Canadian Social Studies 30.2, 56-57.
Keywords: journal-writing, social-studies-course, WAC, write-to-learn, critical-thinking, metacognition, social
Meinbach, Anita M; Liz Rothlein; Anthony D. Fredericks. (1995). The complete guide to thematic units: Creating the integrated curriculum. Norwood, MA: Christopher-Gordon.
Keywords: WAC, science-course, social-studies-course, module, thematic, integrated
Rothlein, Liz; Anthoy D. Fredericks; Anita Meyer Meinbach. (1996). More thematic units for creating the integrated curriculum. Norwood, MA: Christopher-Gordon.
Keywords: WAC, science-course, social-studies-course, module, thematic, integrated
Sprowl, Dale. (1987). Guided imagery in the social studies. In Olson, Carol Booth (Ed.), Practical ideas for teaching writing as a process; Sacramento, CA: Bureau of Publications, California Department of Education.
Keywords: pedagogy, WAC, graphic, mental, guided imagery, social-studies-course, pedagogy, social
Tamura, Eileen H.; James R. Harstad. (1987). Freewriting in the social studies classroom. Social Education 51.4, 256-259.
Keywords: WAC, social-studies-course, freewriting, pedagogy, journal-writing, sample, history-course, social
Wills, Howard. (1993). Writing is learning: Strategies for math, science, social studies and language arts. Bloomington, IN: EDINFO Press.
Keywords: WAC, write-to-learn, mathematics-course, science-course, social-studies-course, school, language-arts, social