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Welcome to the WAC Bibliography. The bibliography, developed and presented in collaboration with CompPile, was developed to support teachers across the disciplines who are interested in using writing and speaking in their courses; scholars who are interested in WAC theory and research; and program administrators, designers, and developers who have interests in the latest work in faculty outreach, program design, and assessment.

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— Justin Jory
Bibliography Editor

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Keywords: geology-course, advanced, intensive, linked, WAC, drafting, peer-evaluation, revising, Richard Lanham, paramedic method, Bucknell University, integrated, undergraduate
Beiersdorfer, Raymond Emil; Jared Haynes. (1991). An integrated approach to geologic writing for non-science majors based on study of California river. Journal of Geological Education 39.3, 196-198.
Keywords: geology-course, WAC, nonscience, science-writing, composing, sequential, sequence, prospectus, outline, drafting, revising, integrated
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Keywords: geology-course, assignment, WAC, creative, art, fiction-writing, short story, poetry
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Keywords: geology-course, WAC, impact statement, assignment, resources
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Keywords: geology-course, WAC, learning-log, double-entry, group, assignment, discussion, simulating, introductory
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Keywords: geology-course, WAC, first-year, journal-writing, improvement, write-to-learn, originality, introductory
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Keywords: journal-writing, reading-log, abstract-writing, geology-course, WAC, read-write, improvement, science-laboratory, point-of-view
Conrad, Susan Howes; R. Heather Macdonald. (1991). Balancing teaching and learning geology on the writing fulcrum. Journal of Geological Education 39.3, 230-231.
Keywords: geology-program, WAC, critical-thinking, assignment, microtheme, position paper, improvement, reaction-paper
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Keywords: write-to-learn, geology-course, WAC
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Keywords: geology, large-class, lecture, abstract-writing, WAC, concision, write-to-learn, evaluation, introductory
Elberty, William Turner, Jr.; William Dowden Romey. (1991). 'What are you interested in' as a writing assignment theme. Journal of Geological Education 39.3, 237-239.
Keywords: geology-course, WAC, term-paper, topic, student-choice
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Keywords: geology-course, WAC, graduate, research-grant, proposal-writing, masters thesis
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Keywords: geology-course, research-report, oral-presentation, WAC, regional, petrography
Fryer, Karen Helene. (1991). Regional geological context for a course in petrography. Journal of Geological Education 39.3, 217-220.
Keywords: geology-course, science, research-report, assignment, experiential, oral-report, WAC, regional, petrography
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Keywords: geology-course, intensive, summary-writing, response, laboratory, journal-writing, log-writing, WAC
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Keywords: geology-course, large-class, lecture, WAC, audience, popularization, topic
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Keywords: geology-course, paleontology , WAC, term-paper, oral-presentation, assignment
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Keywords: abstract-writing, science-course, geology-course, pedagogy, WAC
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Keywords: WAC, geology-course, report-writing, skill, improvement, undergraduate
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Keywords: WAC, geology-course, field-observation, experiential, laboratory-report, data-collection, pedagogy, arrangement, science, research-method, hypothesizing, synthesis, introductory, landscape
Schneiderman, Jill Stephanie. (1991). Learning geology by writing about the history of geology. Journal of Geological Education 39.3, 185-187.
Keywords: geology-course, graduate, seminar, history of geology, assignment, WAC, revising, peer-evaluation, collaboration
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Keywords: geology-course, WAC, sophomore, research-project, term-paper
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Keywords: WAC, geology-course, history of geology, gen-ed, geology-course
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Keywords: geology-course, WAC, journal-writing, personal, observation, creative, reflection, field trip
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Keywords: geology-course, WAC, oral-presentation, write-to-learn, student-motivation, engagement, sample
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Keywords: University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, geology-course, hydrology, case-method, WAC, assignment, technical-writing
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Keywords: geology-program, WAC, microtheme, advanced, oral-presentation, field-notebook, senior thesis