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Welcome to the WAC Bibliography. The bibliography, developed and presented in collaboration with CompPile, was developed to support teachers across the disciplines who are interested in using writing and speaking in their courses; scholars who are interested in WAC theory and research; and program administrators, designers, and developers who have interests in the latest work in faculty outreach, program design, and assessment.

To view entries in the bibliography, follow the links to the right. If you are a member of the Clearinghouse, you can recommend new sources for the bibliography.

— Justin Jory
Bibliography Editor

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Keywords: journal-writing, geography-course, economics-course, WAC
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Keywords: high-school, ESL, WAC, Canada, geography-course, history-course, science-course
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Keywords: WAC, assignment, writing-to-learn, student-opinion, geography-course, education-course, article-review
Hay, Iain; Edward J. Delaney. (1994). 'Who teaches, learns': Writing groups in geographical education. Journal of Geography in Higher Education 18.3, 317-334.
Keywords: geography-course, WAC, group, USA, Australia, criteria-sheet
Higgitt, David L.. (1996). The effectiveness of student-authored field trails as a means of enhancing geomorphological interpretation. Journal of Geography in Higher Education 20.1, 35-44.
Keywords: geography-course, collaboration, experiential, fieldwork, student-centered, audience, WAC
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Keywords: geography-course, improvement, peer-evaluation, exercise, style-sheet, pedagogy, audience, WAC, student-writing, editing
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Keywords: geography-course, WAC, teacher-manual, resources, handout, manual
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Keywords: high-low, pre-writing, multiple draft, revising, evaluation, clarity, geography-course, WAC
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Keywords: geography-course, WAC, study-guide, improvement, data, text-analysis, commenting, grades, data, Otago University [New Zealand], manual, relevance
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Keywords: geography-course, WAC, not-grading, paper-load, assignment, in-class, journal-writing
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Keywords: WAC, geography-course, school, language, life-long
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Keywords: geography-course, WAC, deterioration, data, review-of-scholarship, workshopping, response, regression, skill-level, grade-less, grading, student-writing
Norris, Robert M.. (1983). Field geology and the written word. Journal of Geological Education 31.3, 184-189.
Keywords: geography-course, cartography, map-making, report-writing, field-report, syllabus, grading, student-opinion, WAC
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Keywords: WAC, geography-course
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Keywords: WAC, geography-course, journal-writing, observation, grading, response
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Keywords: WAC, geography-course, journal-writing, pedagogy, reading-log, sample
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Keywords: WAC, geography-course, model-essay, imitation, sample, arrangement, undergraduate
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Keywords: WAC, geography-course, class-size, pre-post, student-writing, freewriting, model-essay, journal-writing, pedagogy, large-class
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Keywords: ethnographic, WAC, England, contextual, data, A-level, biology-course, geography-course, history-course, sociology-course, art-history-course
Winchell, Dick; Dana Elder. (1992). Writing in the geography curriculum. Journal of Geography 91.6, 273-276.
Keywords: geography-course, WAC, write-to-learn, critical-thinking, arrangement, memorization, assignment