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Will Hochman, Southern Connecticut State UniversityWill Hochman, Reviews Editor

Jonathan Alexander, Reviews Editor

Jonathan Alexander, Univeristy of Cincinnati

The addition of Co-Editor Jonathan Alexander means that reviews in Academic.Writing will continue to spin out into multiple directions. Readers and writers of Academic.Writing reviews have already noticed some of Alexander's critical work. His addition to the editing team is a reflexive feedback loop improving us into a much cooler spiral. Poetic geometry aside, Alexander is a literary scholar, a compositionist, and a professor who has done prize-winning work in queer theory and online learning.

We imagine pulling more readers into this web as writers and believe writing reviews is a good place to start. You are encouraged to contact us with your ideas for reviews. We hope those ideas include critical responses to texts, conferences, online discussions, web sites, software, and whatever else may be perceived as academic writing toward communication across and beyond the curriculum. Publishers and authors should send books or URL's to:

Jonathan Alexander
P.O. Box 210205
University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH 45221

Or to
Will Hochman
Dept of English
Southern Connecticut State University
501 Crescent St.
New Haven, CT 06515

Publication Information: Hochman, William, and Alexander, Jonathan. (2000). Reviews: Welcome. Academic.Writing,
Publication Date: November 8, 2000
DOI: 10.37514/AWR-J.2000.1.5.12

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