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Reviewing CW2K: D6 Theoretical Frameworks for Reading Computers and Writing

This densely theoretical session consisted of some brilliant presenters who made the theories they operated under approachable, understandable and applicable to the computers and writing audience. A technological glitch in the room made the projectors and computers unusable, and led the presenters and audience members to congregate in a circle, which was wonderfully egalitarian and unusual at conferences, but well within the spirit of the computers and writing community. Although the lack of technological backup meant that most presentations were simply read aloud, a delivery mechanism that is less than conducive to complete understanding, Michael Salvo, Dean Rehberger, Lennie Irvin and Paul Bender rose to the challenge. They not only gave the audience better understandings of agent-mediation theory, social epistemic rhetoric, the figure of the spectator-participant and Foucault's views of technology and power, but also added compelling twists and commentary that related these theories to issues of teaching and writing in networked environments.

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