Reviewing CW2K: B6 Netoric Live: Making a MOOve Toward Globalization: What To Do About Borders, Time Zones and Language Difficulty

Three cheers for interactive presentations! Tari Fanderclai, James Inman and Cindy Wambeam eschewed lecturing to invite computers and writing members who are new to MOOing to make their first foray into the Netoric project. An astounding number of experienced MOOers were on hand to help newbies get their feet wet in the electronic environment. Signing in as guests, those who were attending for the first time learned some basic netiquette, as well as how to travel through the online world, find the Tuesday Café, find other members and talk. The energy level was incredible, the participants were helpful and the new folks learned more about the Netoric project through the combination of face-to-face communication, online discussion and hands on experience than any lecture could have provided. Yet another place where the computers and writing community proved itself to be a welcoming, fun-loving and collegial group of people, this presentation was invaluable to those who had not MOOed before.

The presenters invited all participants to join them at the Tuesday Café, where teachers and scholars gather to share ideas and opinions on various computer and composition topics. Even if you didn't attend the conference session, you can find out how to join a great group of people by going to the Web site

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