CCCC 2001 in Review: Annual Business Meeting

As we waited for 75 of us to show up, I chatted with Geofrey Sirc who is a keen observer and field leader. Sirc's ideas are always a great classroom lens because that's where his thinking is centered, though Sirc's idea of a classroom has little to do with brick and mortar. I admire Sirc and trust his background-he's been coming to the 4Cs as long as I can remember, and this is my twelfth in the past 14 years. Sirc's impressions of the content of the conference was very positive. He observed well attended, interesting sessions, and began discussing some of the ideas he took away with a gleam in his eye that I've come to respect and learn from. Sirc mentioned that some of the best sessions he attended were done by graduate students.

Chair John Lovas began the meeting noting that registration was up, that CCC continues to thrive and more pages will be added, and that the professional equity initiative (focused on helping part-timers attend the conference) had succeeded. Lovas said we are sound financial condition though we've been operating at a loss the last few years so next year's registration will be raised from $70.00 to $90.00 (except for adjuncts). In New York's conference, more high speed Internet connections and digital projectors will be available. Finally, Lovas noted that changes to the web pages are now more expeditiously achieved.

Next Shirley Logan Wilson thanked us for coming and staying, noting that those of us at the meeting were good conference citizens. Next up was Kathleen Blake Yancey. She first discussed assistance on proposals with an advance online service that proposers can use to get feedback from the same people who will review the proposals for the conference.

Kent Williamson talked briefly about losing more than $100,000.00 last year but that we are in solid shape. He noted membership was down about 4%.

Sid Dobrin, chair of the nominating committee discussed "an abundance of wealth"-in other words, more good people were put forward than will make the ballot.

The report from the resolutions was next from Linda Jones to praise Shirley Wilson Logan and Deborah Holdstein. John Logie, spoke on behalf of the intellectual property committee and caucus about our objections to extension of the copyright extension law. Dickie Selfe asked if we could begin a lobbying effort in addition to the letters sent to Senators from Cythia Selfe. Ira Schor asked for an increase in professional equity funds and that the availability of the funds be better advertised. Schor believes the exploitation of adjuncts is the number one problem in our field. [WH]

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