CCCC 2001 in Review: WPA Breakfast

The Writing Program Administrators breakfast traditionally wakes up participants with a full plate of announcements and good food. The food line snaked through Wolfgang Puck's Pavillion and gave us a good chance to talk and move slowly past the directors, coordinators, teachers and graduate student WPA members. After a short crisis of no coffee, the buzz in the breakfast had some interesting trends. There were discussions about tensions between costs of computers and teachers, there were concerns about the need for more diversity (there were not a lot of people of color at this breakfast), and there was plenty of testimony to the value of the WPA organization. In addition to another delightful pin, this breakfast also gave participants a pen…but the real gift of the breakfast is that many of us had the chance to give graduate students a chance to attend without payment. The WPA organization ( may be one our field's best run support groups. In addition to giving the conference a breakfast start worthy of the best compositionists in our field, this organization is prepared to help support composition administration with conferences, workshops, consultants, policy statements, and a spirit of friendly support that really distinguishes our profession. [WH]

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