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CCCC 2001 in Review: I.27 Ghosts, (Mis) Representation, and Collaboration: Jammin' the Outcomes Statement, chaired by Kathleen Blake Yancey

Keith Rhodes, Irvin Peckham, Rita Malenczyk were presenters but, from the beginning, this was a true "jam session." The group of presenters and listeners discussed the ways they had composed, revised and used the WPA Outcomes statement that was recently published in College English. Most of the discussion revolved around how to use the Outcomes Statement politically and how its composition process reflects our practices. There were many language debates in this process of writing these outcomes. Presenters were divided about using "our language" or language for others outside of our discipline. One of the presenters said, "I just imagined what George Will would do with the language." Ultimately, they wanted to produce a document that could be put in front of people and not make it so it's a study in irony for rhetoricians composing a document that won't communicate. This session was great fun for anyone who had any stake in composing or using the WPA Outcomes Statement ( It was the most interactive and audience inclusive session attended by this reviewer. [WH]

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