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CCCC 2001 in Review: Christine Hult's Conference Notes

Too bad Denver was so cold and the weather inhospitable. It made me stay inside the hotel entirely too much--and the air quality was poor and made my eyes watery and red and caused me to have a sneezing attack! Enough complaining. The conference facilities themselves were fine--the meeting rooms spacious and pleasant. The workout room was great. The sessions I attended were a mixed bag, as usual. The three that really stood out in my mind are reviewed in this collection with a brief synopsis of each session (B.30, I.18, L.25). My interests lean toward distance education lately, and those sessions were rather poor, I thought, using mostly anecdotal evidence with little or no research support. There were still no sessions with empirical research about online teaching and learning that I could find. This is something the profession needs to pay more attention to, in my humble opinion.

The restaurants in Denver were splendid--I enjoyed two of the best Japanese food dinners I've ever had--thanks to recommendations from Michael Day. They were Tommy Tsunamis and the Domo. Very different atmospheres and presentation. The Domo was more traditional and family-style (the food was exquisite) and Tommy's more hip and upbeat. If you get back to Denver, give them a try.

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