Reviewing CCCC 2000: Whose English Is It?: Creating Contexts For A Deeper Understanding Of Language Issues In And Out Of The Composition Classroom (D.31)

This panel was sparsely attended but offered some fine insights about ways to configure cross cultural learning relationships. This session was worthwhile because presenters avoided being blinded by the golden glow of their teaching wonderfulness and equally concentrated on how they solved some issues and how there were errors and ongoing problems for the field to continue considering. The presenters were graduate students at the University of Nevada, Reno, and if the session is indicative of the program, one can deduce that the power of their scholarship is based on working in a context that encourages honest criticism and innovation. Lee Thomas's paper was read by Jane Detweiler before Patti Hanlon and Heidi Estrem presented their ideas about teaming FY and upper level students. Hanlon's upper level perspective and Estrem's FY perspective offered effective ways to see two sides of a collaborative learning situation.

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