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Review: The 2000 Conference on College Composition and Communication

– Reviewed by Will Hochman and Diane Masiello, April 28, 2000
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Like a living hypertext, CCCC/2000 Educating the Imagination; Re-imagining Education begins, ends, and continues in the multilinear paths of its diverse participants. What a group of readers, writers and teachers we are! This review is an attempt to bring some sense to the event without limiting its ongoing beauty of learning and confusion. As editor and contributor to this review, Will Hochman hooked Diane Masiello, an NYU graduate student, into writing some fine session reviews, as well as calling on assorted friends to offer their impressions of selected nooks and crannies of the conference. Though not comprehensive, we hope that this review will spike your own memories and impressions of the conference, and look forward to any comments about it you might send to Academic.Writing.

For more information on the conference, visit the CCCC 2000 Web site at

Publication Information: Hochman, William, and Masiello, Diane. (2000). [Review of the 2000 Conference on College Composition and Communication]. Academic.Writing.
Publication Date: May 21, 2000
DOI: 10.37514/AWR-J.2000.1.5.20

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Copyright © 2000 William Hochman and Diane Masiello. Used with permission.