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The Strategic Plan for the Roy and Marnie Pearce Center for Professional Communication at Clemson University

Editor's Note: The following is excerpted from the strategic plan for the Pearce Center. The plan was written by Kathleen Yancey, director of the Pearce Center, in collaboration with her colleagues at Clemson.
--Dickie Selfe, Research Editor

In keeping with its mission, the Pearce Center has supported communication across the curriculum in K-12 settings, and it has worked with members of its Corporate Advisory Board to develop the kinds of communication skills and competencies we would like to see in Clemson graduates. With the change in leadership of the Pearce Center has come an opportunity to re-visit our mission, to clarify our goals, and to create some processes that will ensure that the good work already in place--as signaled by the TIME magazine designation of Clemson as Best Public University of 2001--not only continues, but thrives--and in both traditional and new directions. Toward those ends, the Director of the Roy and Marnie Pearce Center for Professional Communication, in concert with the Pearce Center Research Team, has developed the following strategic plan for the coming academic year.

1. Diversify Work with Faculty

The Pearce Center has a strong tradition of working with faculty across the curriculum; we will both continue this work and extend it along the following lines:

2. Structure Research Team Work around Projects

Each member of the Research Team will design a Pearce Project that relates both to their teaching and to their research interests, that fits with the mission of the Pearce, and that will lead to publication.

3. Connect with Other University Initiatives

The Pearce Center has a history of working with other groups on campus; this tradition will be continued, specifically in four areas:

4. Where and When Appropriate, Support MAPC Graduate Student Research [Masters in Professsional Communication]

At the conclusion of the 1999-2000 academic year, the Pearce Center for the first time awarded small grants to graduate students whose research furthered the mission of the Pearce Center. These students are completing their research now: it includes projects ranging from web-site development to writing in the disciplines to the effects of different media in violence-prevention programs. In the spring, these students will report on their research to the Corporate Advisory Board. We plan to continue this effort this year.

5. Sponsor Allied Activities

The Pearce Center will continue to support related activities, including

Editor's Note: As you can see the variety of effort is substantial, and it draws on the interests and strengths of current faculty. I'm impressed by both the scope and flexibility of the CAC work being conducted at Clemson, and I'm sure that it will lead to many more publications (some of which I hope will go to Academic.Writing) and awards in the future. But the faculty seem most intent on one objective: creating a learning community that values student communication in an expanded range of genre.

Publication Information: Selfe, Dickie. (2000). The Strategic Plan for the Roy and Marnie Pearce Center for Professional Communication at Clemson University. Academic.Writing. https://doi.org/10.37514/AWR-J.2000.1.7.30
Publication Date: November 8, 2000
DOI: 10.37514/AWR-J.2000.1.7.30

Copyright © 2000 Dickie Selfe and Kathleen Yancey. Used with Permission.