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In this volume Donna Reiss, one of our founding editors, steps down as our CAC Connections editor. Donna will continue to serve on our editorial board and will continue to contribute to Academic.Writing in important ways. I've been fortunate--as have many of us--to have been able to work closely with Donna and to benefit from her insights and hard work. She played an important role in establishing Academic.Writing as a successful journal and I am deeply indebted to her for her advice, dedication, and hard work. Thanks, Donna.

Dan Melzer takes over as CAC Connections editor in this issue. You'll find Dan's first column, along with an impressive array of CAC news and events, in our CAC Connections pages. Dan is a welcome addition to our editorial staff and I'm pleased to welcome him to the group.

In addition to Dan's column, you'll find some excellent work in this issue. The WAC Forum considers relationships--real and ideal--between writing centers and WAC. Pamela Childers, Cindy Johanek, Jon Leydens, Joan Mullin, Michael Pemberton, and Rebecca Rickly provide an engaging, indepth discussion of those relationships and make some valuable observation about whether the two enterprises should be connected. In addition, we have three strong featured articles that explore a academic advising, linked courses, and the roles teachers adopt as they respond to student writing.

Pamela Childers takes a new direction in her column on secondary education and WAC. Check out her discussion of risk taking. Make sure you also check out our collaborative review of the recent Conference on College Composition and Communication. Will Hochman, Jonathan Alexander, and their co-reviewers have produced what may be the largest review article ever published online--or anywhere, for that matter. The review provides an intriguing and valuable snapshot of the CCCC.

You'll also find a new book in our Landmarks series. Susan McLeod's Strengthening Programs for Writing Across the Curriculum is now available in PDF format. By early June (in an event that will coincide with the arrival of my new copy of Adobe Photoshop), Art Young's Teaching Writing Across the Curriculum (Third Edition) will be available. Look for that new book soon.

Speaking of Art Young, please read about the recent honor given to--or, more accurately, earned by--him. Pamela Childers provides a heartfelt description of his selection as this year's winner of the CCCC Exemplar Award. Congratulations, Art.

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Publication Information: Palmquist, Mike. (2002). In this volume. Academic.Writing.
Publication Date: May 7, 2002

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