On Presidential Politics, Literacy Studies, and Updates to Academic.Writing

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I write this new column on Wednesday, November 8, 2000, as the ballots for president are being recounted in Florida. Regardless of the outcome, several things are clear:

The record amount of spending on this election (by some estimates over $3 billion) produced some of the most sophisticated (and perhaps some of the nastiest and underhanded, not to mention "subliminabable") campaign materials ever placed before the American public. In light of this, one other thing seems particularly clear this morning: the importance of education that addresses and prepares our students for the complex rhetorical contexts they will encounter throughout their personal, professional, and civic lives.

The collection of work provided in this update to Academic.Writing can help us provide that kind of education to our students. You'll find several important contributions, including:

Of particular interest, this issue marks our first attempts to integrate database technologies into our Web site. Please visit our new subscription page to see this in action (and remember, subscriptions are free -- and we won't sell, lend, share, or allow our subscriber info to fall into anyone else's hands). And please check out our new Programs Descriptions page, which allows you to publish a description of your WAC or CAC program on this site -- and to update it as your program develops. In our next issue, we'll expand our services by using a database to provide a list of CAC consultants to our readers.

You'll also find some new additions to the WAC Clearinghouse, including:

Thanks and Welcome

Let me extend my thanks to Donna LeCourt, my colleague at Colorado State University, who served as our first managing editor. And let me welcome Luann Barnes, also of CSU, as our new managing editor. Luann brings a wealth of expertise in Web design and coding, as well as the knowledge that has made it possible to begin the process of integrating database technologies into Academic.Writing.

Call for Submissions

We welcome your contributions to our second volume, which we'll launch this coming spring. If you're interested in publishing your work with Academic.Writing – and I certainly hope you are – please view our Contribution Guidelines and Submissions Procedures for information about sending us your work.

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Publication Date: November 8, 2000

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