The Role of Technology in WAC/CAC Programs

Participants: Michael Day, Tharon Howard, Christine Hult, Charles Moran, and Donna Reiss
Moderator: Mike Palmquist

Welcome to the second Academic.Writing Forum. One of the primary goals of Academic.Writing is to support dialogue about key issues in the field. This Forum, which brought together five scholars with divergent experiences in and views about writing across the curriculum, was designed to consider the role of technology in WAC/CAC programs. The participants communicated with each other via electronic mail and the Web over a period of months. Their interactions are represented here using links among and beyond the texts that they produced.

– Mike Palmquist, Forum Moderator

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Publication Information: Day, Michael, Howard, Tharon, Hult, Christine, Moran, Charles, Reiss, Donna, and Palmquist, Mike. (2000). Academic.Writing Forum: The Role of Technology in WAC/CAC Programs. Academic.Writing.
Publication Date: November 1, 2000

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