Announcing the UNC Charlotte Wildacres' 2003 Annual WID Retreat

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is pleased to announce the Wildacres 2003 Retreat. This year's focus will be "Writing in the Disciplines: What Works and What Doesn't." Each year, faculty in the disciplines, WAC/WID administrators and/or faculty, and writing faculty come from all over the United States to spend four days on top of a mountain in North Carolina. This year's retreat is May 12-15 (begins around 5:00 on the 12th and ends after breakfast on the 15th). The cost is only $300 for registration, lodging, and meals.

This year, our keynote speaker will be Dr. Chris Thaiss (George Mason University), and our workshop leaders will be Dr. Rebecca Burnett (Iowa State) and Dr. Chris Anson (NC State). The atmosphere is very informal, and we usually have 75-80 people attend. The smallness and the informality make this a learning experience you'll keep with you always. (We even sponsor a few Yoga classes scattered among the more intellectual pursuits!). These are some of the questions we hope to answer at the retreat:

1. What are the differences in conventions among the various disciplines?
2. What are some strategies to help faculty who are not writing specialists learn to talk about writing in their field?
3. What types of assignments and feedback are particularly effective for a variety of disciplines, class sizes, etc.?
4. How can faculty use writing in large, lecture sections particularly in the sciences?
5. What strategies can WAC/WID directors employ to make connections with various Colleges and Departments outside the Humanities?

In addition to the workshops, we'll have faculty from across our university lead a panel discussion on writing strategies and assignments that work for them in their discipline. You can fly into Charlotte and drive two hours to Wildacres, or Fly into Asheville and drive an hour. Either way, the drive itself is beautiful, and Wildacres is spectacular (stone lodge, rocking chairs, big porches, a panoramic view of the mountains, etc.)

Go to our website ( and you should be able to find some information about last year's conference, and email or call me at 704-687-3502 if you need additional information. Spaces fill up fast, so let me know if you want me to reserve a space (or spaces) for you. Hope to see you among the pines!

Deborah S Bosley, Director
University Writing Programs
UNC Charlotte


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