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CCCC 2006 in Review

Annual Business Meeting

Call to Order began at 8:05AM by Jay Wooten with the adoption of the agenda, the procedural rules, and acceptance of secretary's report which were passed without discussion and by a voice vote.

The Chair's Report (Jay Wooten) and Associate Chair's Report (Akua Duku Anokye) were basically a greeting, and the Executive Director of NCTE (Kent Williamson) announced a surplus of 1.5 Million dollars and the launching of a new CCCC web site.

Jay Wooten proposed a constitutional amendment to the CCCC Bylaws, Section VII (Annual Convention) that "The Chair will appoint a Local Chair who will be responsible for local arrangements at the CCCC Annual Convention." There was little discussion.

Reports of the 2006 Nominating Committee (Gwendolyn D. Pough) were brief thanks and reports of the 2006 Resolutions Committee(Chris Anson) involved a laudatory statement of honoring to Akua Duku Anokye, thanking Joe Janangelo and the local arrangements committee. Both received a standing ovation.

The third resolution called for a statement supporting academic freedom and tenure (precipitated by proposed legislation of the Colorado House of Representatives Education Committee) by the public policy committee. There was a movement to revert back to the original resolution read by Erika Lindemann and involved "teeth" instead of awareness by proposing that our conference not be held in states attacking academic freedom and tenure. There was a spirited (time was extended) discussion between the points that the idea of "money talking" and the idea that rhetoricians have other ways to talk and influence states. Amendment to the resolution was offered to include action on not scheduling future conferences in states attacking academic freedom and tenure, and to charge the CCCC public policy committee with monitoring and developing position statements that inform CCCC members "and various publics" about these issues." Both points were finally fused and passed in an amended resolution.

The next resolution involved endorsement and creation of a working group in support of the NCTE resolution to create a national college writing test to improve the timed, standardized writing tests (SAT and ACT) currently being used. Support was expressed, as well as concern that the NCTE become a testing organization. The resolution passed.

An addendum to the NCTE guidelines on gender free language to include trans-gendered and gender neutral awareness. This resolution was passed without discussion.

Sense-of-the-House motions and new business involved merging or maintaining the two committees (Committee on Adjunct and Part Timers and the APC?) to support funding for contingent faculty to attend the CCCC and to include SIGs focused on adjunct concerns. The motion to keep the two committees passed.

— Will Hochman

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