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CCCC 2004: Review

Review: Final Conference Haiku Review or All that remains of / These brave compositionisits / Are these words
Reviewed by: Chris Dean, Dean@southernct.edu
Posted on: May 6, 2004
Updated on: May 7, 2004

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Eating in San Antonio

Memories of black
beans and saffron rice shoot along
the tongue like a ghost.

County Line Barbecue:
night of Shiner Boch and meat,
sweet indigestion.

Wine, pasta, and tech talk,
Floating friends along River Walk,
a session uncorked.

Drinking in San Antonio

Bald barkeep asks me,
“Do you want big boys of Boch?”
“Yes,” I say, “oh yes.”

One A.M. with Rich
and Sharlene in hotel bar--
this must be the Cs.

The Sites

Rough, tan stone witness
to blood, sulphur and spent shot--
garden, park and tomb.

Ripley’s logo tees,
don’t mess with Texas shot glasses,
and Alamo snow-globes.


Striding through a river
of asphalt and halogen: 
2 A.M. Cs song

The river is mist and
Floating words sinking into
The space left behind