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Subject: 4C's Ten Commandments from Keith Rhodes
Written by: Will Hochman, hochmanw1@southernct.edu
Created on: April 10, 2004

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Keith Rhodes (Moses? A Holy Compositionist Spirit? God?) gave me permission to repost his wonderful, annual  email to WPA-L. His sage advice was distributed to reviewers this year and is useful for all us when presenting and attending the CCCC. As Shakespeare said, "the truest things are said in jest." Laugh, enjoy, and learn! Will

Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2004 17:14:30 -0800
From: Keith Rhodes <dkaa4@EARTHLINK.NET>
Subject: 4Cs Commandments
Sender: Writing Program Administration <WPA-L@asu.edu>
X-Sender: dkaa4@earthlink.net
To: WPA-L@asu.edu
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I had an off-list request to post these again, here on their 4th anniversary.

Keith Rhodes


 I.      Thy equal portion of the 1-hour presentation time is thy whole and
only portion. Thou shalt have no
other portion before or after it.

 II.     Thou shalt honor the 15-minute discussion period and keep it holy,
and never threaten it, neither as the first presenter, nor the second, nor
any other, yea unto the last.

 III.    Thou shalt not chair a session if thou canst not stomach enforcing
the first and second commandments, knowing also that every minute spent
introducing a speaker is a minute charged to that speaker.

 IV.     Thou mayest deliver an unwritten presentation, but in such case
the first and second commandments are even more inviolable (or: Thou shalt
not wing it to excess).

 V.      Thou shalt not wasteth any time explaining that thou hast not not
reached perfect answers or expressed reality itself, for to do so is to
assume that we might think you could, which we do not.

 VI.     Thou shalt not revise on thy feet that which thou hast just read,
for thou hast had plenty of time for revision already.

 VII.    Thou shalt bring written copies of all citations that thou
honestly expectst thy listeners to read some day.

 VIII.   Thou shalt either bring written copies of or project all figures
that thou honestly expecstst thy listeners to comprehend.

 IX.     Honor thy forebearers. Thou shalt speak derisively of other
scholars and teachers in the field only when such others are on the same
panel and preferably awaiting their chance to respond.

 X.      Avoideth all apology and excuse. Do thy best with what thou hast
and trust to the ability of thine audience to run further with what has
been left undone, for most likely they can.

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