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CCCC 2004: Review

Review: WPA Breakfast (and the Ghost of Theodore Roosevelt)
Reviewed by: Will Hochman, hochmanw1@southernct.edu
Posted on: April 5, 2004

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This year the Menger Hotel provided the Writing Program Administration (WPA) with a great breakfast. Among the leaders and administrators of many of our comp programs was the ghost of Theodore Roosevelt (Remember the main thesis?). The WPA is a key organization for the CCCC and Chris Anson is its president. His scholarship and his ability to coordinate the WPA organization follows the tradition of well organized WPA leadership. Chris was so smooth there’s little doubt he could MC almost anything, but this morning’s breakfast was particularly comfortable. In many ways, the good feeling and fellowship at breakfast was a continuation of the discourse we share on WPA-L because the conversation was friendly, helpful, informative, and supportive of our work as writing teachers and program administrators.

In addition to the Menger’s good history, food and space, WPA members were reminded of the many ways we support our field. Winners of the WPA article and research grants were honored, but of particular note was the standing ovation for Ed White. At Holdstein’s urging to “give it up for Ed,” the Dean of WPA’s received a standing ovation that lasted through five minutes of his red face and humble nods of thanks. Other news included David Blakesly digitizing twenty five years of the WPA journal, Clyde Moneyhan announcing yet another great WPA workshop (this year in Delaware near the beach!), and Linda Adler-Kassner calling for participants in her new WPA Network for Media Action.

Attendee gifts for the breakfast received mixed reviews. The key chain was not as valued as the lapel pins that we received in past years, but the pen was nifty (and used to write the offline parts of this review; >).