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Subject: Welcome to the Review
Written by: Will Hochman, hochmanw1@southernct.edu
Created on: March 23, 2004
Updated on: April 5, 2004

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Welcome to the CCCC 2004 Interactive Review. This year's publicaton will feature the most interesting and comprehensive conference review work we've ever published. Why? Quite simply, there are more reviewers, there's better cyberspace, and we even have reviewer cards to remind presenters that their CCCC work is going to receive written response. Of course, the good words come from inspiration and we can only hope the conference will provoke ongoing discourse--but history is on our side. Each year, the CCCC brings together some of the most important compositionists and each year, we meet and learn from each other.
We hope you find this review useful and we invite you to consider joining the review team when and if the spirit of professional response moves you.
Will Hochman, Jonathan Alexander, and Chris Dean
Review Editors