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From the Editor

On Becoming Editor of Across the Disciplines

Michael Pemberton, Georgia Southern University
Michael Pemberton, Editor
Homepage: http://www.georgiasouthern.edu/~michaelp/
Email: michaelp@georgiasouthern.edu

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I am very pleased to be taking over the editorial reins for Across the Disciplines and also profoundly grateful to the previous editor, Sharon Quiroz, my colleague and friend, for the sustained work and powerful vision she has given to this journal and shared with all of us. Sharon and I were co-editors of ATD's progenitor, Language and Learning Across the Disciplines (whose archives can be found elsewhere on the WAC Clearinghouse site), but there was never any doubt in my mind Sharon was the driving force behind the journal's success. Her steadfast editorial vision and sense that the journal was not only desperately needed but also widely desired were very persuasive; I suspect each member of the journal's editorial board can attest to the power of her persuasion.

So I'm stepping into some pretty big shoes here, and I can only hope my feet don't rattle around in them too much as I try to continue the important work that Sharon has begun. Over the next few months, I'll be making plans for upcoming issues, sending out calls for articles, issuing invitations for guest-editors, and you'll certainly be seeing me at conferences, spreading the good word about Across the Disciplines.

One thing I plan to do very soon is incorporate book reviews more fully into the journal. A number of significant works about interdisciplinary discourse and text production have appeared over the last several years, and I think we need to recognize and discuss those works in ATD. To this end, Suellynn Duffey has agreed to serve as ATD's new Review Editor. If any of you would be interested in writing a book review for the journal, please contact her directly at: sduffey@georgiasouthern.edu.

I also want to thank you all - and especially Mike Palmquist, the coordinator of the WAC Clearinghouse - for your continued support of ATD. I look forward to hearing from you, speaking with you, and most importantly, receiving manuscripts that display the excellent interdisciplinary work so many of you are doing.