Call for Proposals: WAC, WID, ECAC, CAC, CXC, LAC-VAC? Incorporating the Visual into Writing/ Electronic /Communication/Learning Across the Curriculum

Guest editor: Joan Mullin, University of Texas

Disciplines across the curriculum increasingly respond to the visual culture into which our students graduate-and from which they come. This issue will explore the use of visuals to teach, to construct and deconstruct knowledge; specific disciplinary expectations concerning visuals as end products/forms of communication; the production, changes and/or effects visual technologies (from paper to screen) have had on our field; the intersections between/among visual/written/spoken pedagogies and productions across disciplines/interdisciplines; ways in which brain activity dedicated to writing intersects/affects/changes visual production. These broad areas can lead to specific articles that explore questions such as

  • How does/can visual theories/pedagogy support learning/writing in disciplines?
  • What differences in visual pedagogies, knowledge construction, and/or communication expectations exist in different disciplines? In interdisciplines?
  • If linguistic and cultural variations affect language/knowledge acquisition in universities, how do these variations affect the use and production of visuals in global DL courses or in our globally diverse classrooms?
  • How does our use of visuals exclude/accommodate the visually impaired (including color-impaired visual learners)?
  • What theories and research not only inform our current disciplinary practices, but will help us accommodate new pedagogies necessary for the future production of visuals in disciplines/a global community?
  • How can current discoveries in the sciences (e.g., neurological, psychological, physiological) that inform ways in which we perceive/produce images shape our theories/pedagogies/understandings?

Deadline for Proposals: September 1, 2004

Notification of Acceptance: November 2004

Manuscripts Due: June 1 2005

Publication: Fall 2005

Proposal Format: Submit a one-page proposal outlining your topic, the research base upon which you will draw, and the outline of how you will discuss the study, data, theory/practice to be developed. Send electronically (Microsoft Word format is preferred) to