by Dr. Pauline Mosley


Good technical writing is a rigorous and difficult task. It involves a process of editing and rewriting, and it is common to do a half dozen or more drafts. Because of the difficulty of technical writing and the need for drafting, we will be completing the assignment in three stages. At the end of each in class peer-review session (see syllabus) you be will expected to submit a draft. I will read the drafts and provide comments; these drafts will not be graded, but failure to pass in a draft will result in a deduction in your final paper grade. This manual will constitute 15% of your semester grade.


There are three stages to the technical manual:


First - Editors: This section of the technical manual will contrast any three editors in terms of their price, functionality and ease of use. Select one editor and summarize why you would use it. In addition, prepare a step-by-step user guide on how to download, install, and configure the editor for JDK 1.1.2. Lastly, explain and give step-by-step instructions on how to implement any three features of the editor. Bring a draft of this to class for peer-review and user-guide walk-through. DUE MARCH 20


Second—Applet Program: This section of the technical manual will present the user with a background description of the applet. It should also clearly illustrate with screens how to run the applet and provide instructions on what to do if the user is having difficulty in running the applet. Implementation of Javadocs should be utilized in the development of program documentation. Include a data dictionary at the top of the program and a class hierarchical diagram. Bring a draft of this to class for peer-review and user-guide walk-through. DUE APRIL 10


** Third—Final Draft: Give a five-minute demonstration on your applet as well as submit your final draft of the technical manual. You may conclude with recommendations or challenges that your group encountered in developing the applet. DUE APRIL 24


** This stage pertains to the A+ program projects only.


Note: This appendix is from to the article "Architects of Change: Writing Enhanced Course Program Development and Core Reform," by Linda Anstendig, Eugene Richie, Shannon Young, Pauline Mosley and Bette Kirschstein, available at