(For the following questions, please limit your response to courses you taught before you began working in the WEC Program.)


1. Do you think you used more writing, less writing, or about the same amount of writing as other professors in your discipline teaching similar courses?




2. Have you ever distributed written handouts for writing assignments, specifying writing criteria and setting forth writing expectations along with content requirements?




3. Have you ever used a model or multiple models of previous students' papers responding to assignments?




4. Have you ever used student peer feedback in pairs or groups on papers?



5. Do you usually make written comments about student writing on papers?



6. Have you ever before required students to revise a paper after peer feedback or after you have made comments on the paper?



7. Do you ever use e-mail conferencing on papers?



8. If you have used any of the above techniques, how did they affect the writing on students' papers?



9. If you have used any of the above techniques, how did they affect the course content of students' papers?


10. Do you use multi-media technology for writing or communication projects such as PowerPoint presentations, Blackboard, Web pages, audio or video recordings?



Note: This appendix is from to the article "Architects of Change: Writing Enhanced Course Program Development and Core Reform," by Linda Anstendig, Eugene Richie, Shannon Young, Pauline Mosley and Bette Kirschstein, available at