Appendix A


(Please attach a syllabus and separate application sheet for each writing enhanced course)


Number of Course: Title:


Submitted by: Date:


Semester when course will be taught:


I.                   How does this course meet the following Writing Enhanced Course Criteria (please refer to the Writing Enhanced Course Criteria Document for more information)? Briefly explain.

1.      A substantial amount of informal and formal writing assignments:




2.      Writing assignment handouts distributed to students with criteria:



3.      A cap of 25 students for course (or some arrangements made to insure attention is paid to student writing):



4.      Feedback and revision opportunities for all students:



5.      Consideration of quality of writing in grading process and use of writing checklists or rubrics:


II.                Which of the following faculty development options have you participated in or will you participate in while developing your first Writing Enhanced Course? (Please check the ones that apply and note semester of participation)


1.      Workshops and meetings with writing consultants during the semester ________

2.      Meeting with writing consultants during the semester_________

3.      Department meeting consultation (faculty development session with writing consultant)_____________


III. Additional Comments:



Approval of Department Chair_________________________________


Please attach a syllabus and submit to: Linda Anstendig, Eng/Com Dept., PLV, or Eugene Richie, English Dept., PNY.


Note: This appendix is from to the article "Architects of Change: Writing Enhanced Course Program Development and Core Reform," by Linda Anstendig, Eugene Richie, Shannon Young, Pauline Mosley and Bette Kirschstein, available at