Editorial Staff

The page provides information about the WAC Clearinghouse editorial staff. Information about the editorial board is available on the editorial board page. Information about the editorial staff and boards of the journals and book series associated with the Clearinghouse is available on their main pages.

Founding Editor and Publisher

Mike Palmquist, Colorado State University
Mike.Palmquist@ColoState.edu | https://english.colostate.edu/faculty-staff/mp 

News and Information Editor

Traci Gardner, Virginia Tech

Links Editor

Stephen A. Bernhardt, University of Delaware
sab@udel.edu | http://www.english.udel.edu/sab

Bibliography Editor

Glenn Blalock, Texas A&M Corpus Cristi

Second-Language Writing Section Editor

Kendon Kurzer, University of California Davis

Writing Fellows Programs Section Editor


Past Members of the Clearinghouse Editorial Staff

Kevin Brooks, North Dakota State University (Links)
Michelle Cox, Cornell University (Second-Language Writing)
Randolph Cramer Cauthen, Bloomsburg University of Pennslyvania (Teaching Exchange)
Kevin Eric De Pew, Old Dominion University (Theses and Dissertations)
Brian Fallon, Fashion Institute of Technology - State University of New York (Bibliography)
Al Harahap, University of Arizona (News and Information)
Justin Jory, Salt Lake Community College (Bibliography)
Bonnie Lenore Kyburz, Utah Valley University and Lewis University (Teaching Exchange)
Michelle LaFrance, George Mason University (Writing Fellows Programs)
Dan Melzer, University of California Davis (News and Information)