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The Crewtonia Welcome Message:

Greetings, and welcome to CREWRT-L, the list for teachers and students of creative writing--nominally anyhow. We are a strange bunch, so I'd like to put forth some words written by "crewton" John Oughton as an orientation speech of sorts:

Who's On the List?

Teachers, students, poets, novelists, essayists, critics, short-story writers, Baha'ais, Episcopalians, Texans, Canadians, parents, gays, straights, weather-watchers, administration-denouncers, libs, cons, and magnificently in-betweenies.

When do we get to the point?

The point is whatever we want it to be by consensus and force of eloquence. We do sometimes discuss creative writing pedagogy and practice, literary theory, contests, publications, and famous writers. We also have been known to chat about kids, computers, dogs, cats, cars, floods, snow, money and the lack of it, Ramadan, Rhode Island, regional expressions...

What about sex?

Never. All members of this list were generated by immaculate conception, or administrative error.

What don't we do on this list?

Flame. Call names. Bait people for politics, sexuality, religion. Post really terrible writing and get outraged when someone gently mentions that quality. Use pseudonyms.

What are the advantages of this list?

A literate and entertaining community spread across North America (maybe even with a few lurkers from across the water!) Some really good writing by published and unpublished people. People who can probably remember the name of the book or film you say at ten that has warped your life ever since (or the source of the line of poetry).. Practical suggestions for writing assignments, places to submit, ways to fix writing problems. Lotsa laughs. The nicest list-administrator in the known universe (now I only owe you 999 beers, Eric!). Occasional chances to arrange readings, visits, panel discussions, anthologies and the like.

How come there's what appears to be personal messages to others clogging up my mail box from this list?

Every so often we make a group effort to pull in our e-horns and only post things of truly public interest. But most of us love a good gossip, story, joke. We feel a lot of time like a community of like-minded neighbours leaning across the ol' electronic fence. We try to keep private mail private, but most of tolerate a certain amount of seeming not-too-relevant messagery, depending on our own skills with e-mail commands, etc.

-- John Oughton

So welcome to Crewtonia, we hope you'll enjoy your stay.

matt flynn

Please direct inquiries and problems to list managers Eric Crump,; or Scott Olsen,; or Palmer Hall,; or Matt Flynn, We'll be glad to help folks get on the list, get off the list, and otherwise get where they are going in cyberspace.

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